Manuscripts Reviewing Order

Scientific articles submitted to Achievements of Biology and Medicine” journal are due to be reviewed.

Reviewers of the Journal are experienced specialists — doctors of sciences, members of the editorial board and editorial council of the Journal. If necessary the editors enlist cooperation of outside experts. The scientific article publication is possible after the writing presentation of editorial members.

The reviews should estimate if the article corresponds to the subject of the Journal and its title, actuality and scientific level, advantages and disadvantages, correspondance of the article design to the editorial requirements. The conclusion about advisability of publication is drawn in the end.

A review is given to the author of the article on his demand without signature, pointing the last name, occupation and places of the work of a reviewer.

If the reviewer recommends to correct or complete the article, the editorial staff sends the review text to the author for inserting proper changes in.

The author, whose article was not submitted to the publication, is sent an reasonable refuse on his demand. The manuscript is not returned.

If the author does not agree with a reviewer’s point of view, he can give him a reasonable answer.

In case of necessity an additional reading of manuscript by another specialist can be carried out on agreement with the author.

A final decision about the publication of the article and its terms is made by the editorial board.

Sometimes in case of a positive review the article can be published after the editor-in-chief’s or vice-editor-in-chief’s decision.

After approval of the article publication the editorial staff informs the author about it with indicating the term of publication.

Originals of reviews are kept in the editorial during 1 year.